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Claims Support:

Our institution has a claims service, run by María Florencia Manfredi, Claims Service Officer. In the event that your claim cannot be solved immediately, you may complete the form indicated below, or come to our offices and complete it in person.

In case of submitting the online form, you will receive an email confirming receipt by the Officer, a tracking number, the date and time it was received and an estimated term for its resolution. If you choose to come to our offices, the same information will be given to you as proof of the start of this procedure.

The response period will not exceed 15 days from the filing date of the claim, and exceptionally, if the nature of the case requires it, our Institution may extend the final response for another 15 calendar days. In such case, you will receive a notification informing the reasons for the extension, at the contact email address you indicated in the form. If you do not receive the response in time and form from our firm, you may file the claim with the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) through the existing procedures for such purposes.