Corporate Social Responsibility

The advancement of the global practices of Corporate Social Responsibility has made this business philosophy and its various manifestations a topic to be included on the organizations' agenda. This strategy seeks to build social value that qualitatively benefits people and their environment. At Latin Securities, we have incorporated CSR concepts as part of our business philosophy.  


The Quebracho Youth and Sports Center is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote education and work, and to transmit values ​​through sports to vulnerable teenagers from Colonia Nicolich and Aeroparque (Canelones).

The institution offers a place for sports and cultural activities, focusing on their educational component. It also seeks to promote actions with ethical, social and environmental value, enhancing the qualities of each young person.

On October 17, 2020, an orienteering race was held in the Sierras de Lavalleja and Latin Securities were proud to be able to accompany the foundation in said event.

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